Set of 4 Speckle Champagne Flutes

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Add some fun to your next toast with Speckle! These elegant champagne flutes are designed to impress.

Speckle ‘s unique look is created by combining melted colour and white glass beads into the bowl. This mixture of bright and vibrant coloured glass beads, broken up with crisp, white beads creates a beautiful swirl of colours in every piece.

With each set containing four different coloured glasses, Speckle is a smart and trendy collection.

Each of the four sets are gift boxed and the range comprises champagne flutes, wine glasses, gin glasses and double old fashioned tumblers.

  • Set of 4 champagne flutes, each 250ml / 9oz
  • Elegant shaped glass with a mixture of coloured and white glass pebbles on each glass
  • Contemporary well-rounded bowls with, long elegant stems
  • Mouth blown and handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand wash recommended

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