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About Anton Studios Designs

Our story

Established in London in 2012, Anton Studio Designs was created with the aim to provide design-conscious customers with glassware that truly reflects their personal flair. Embracing modern shapes and spirited designs infused with European elegance, Anton Studio Designs has become a sophisticated brand that transforms any table setting into an unforgettable experience.

Anton Studio Designs boasts an unrivalled fusion of accessible luxury, subtle sophistication, and crisp aesthetics. For those seeking to elevate their table setting with a touch of London-designed European charm, Anton Studio Designs is the perfect choice.

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Our design philosophy centres around crafting contemporary and stylish glassware that truly enhances any table setting, introducing an element of theatre to your gatherings. With an array of vibrant colours and intricate patterns, our goal is to turn each piece into a conversation starter and a work of art.

By blending European-inspired aesthetics with avant-garde shapes and designs, we create glassware that is not only visually striking but also functional and affordable. Ranging from classic elegance to modern playfulness, our glassware collections effortlessly enhance any table, be it for daily use or special occasions.



At Anton Studio Designs, we take immense pride in our dedication to craftsmanship. Each piece of our glassware is meticulously crafted, ensuring it meets our exacting standards of quality and durability. With a keen focus on both beauty and functionality, our glassware elevates your dining experience with every use.

From the inception of design concepts to the final product, our glassware is crafted with care and precision, utilising the most advanced techniques and materials. We hold the art of glassmaking as a timeless tradition and honour it by creating glassware that seamlessly blends beauty with functionality.

Affordable Luxury


We believe that luxury and style shouldn’t come at a premium. It’s our mission to deliver the experience of high-end tableware at an attainable price. With Anton Studio Designs’ glassware, you can elevate your entertaining and relish in the feeling of sophistication and refinement, without compromising on quality.

Choosing Anton Studio Designs means investing in glassware that is both stylish and reasonably priced, allowing you to enjoy a touch of luxury every day. Our commitment to creating design-led, accessible collections ensures you can experience exceptional glassware while maintaining a balance between quality and value.