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Generously sized and colourful, the Fizz Gin Glasses are the ideal glass from which to drink your gin.
Every piece is almost large enough to hold the contents of an entire bottle! Giving you ample room for plenty of ice, a few pieces of lime, a healthy dash of gin, all topped up with your favourite tonic to make for the perfect G&T!!

Each of the four gin glasses within the set has a splash of colour on the underside of the bowl, and is covered in hundreds of tiny bubbles fizzing around base.

Gift boxed as a set of four and designed by Anton Studio Designs – these jewel coloured gin glasses look in just about an home… especially when full!

  • Thanks to its size, there's plenty of room for ice and garnishes, as well as plenty of gin, whilst the stem enables you to hold your drink without warming up the bowl
  • Splash of colour and fantastic bubble effect at the base of each glass makes every piece unique
  • Mouth blown and handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Gift Boxed

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