Gala Wine Glasses, Set of 4

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This set of 4 Gala Wine Glasses is part of a new colourful, fun and eye-catching range.

Gala is a wonderful mixture of style and colour. The colour element is plain to see without being overbearing nor distracting from the shapely bowl… or, importantly, what goes within! Each set comprises four jewel coloured stems or tumblers, which sit perfectly together and help to lift any table. The brilliance of the stems are highlighted further once you pick them up, as they have been specially designed to be extra fine – giving them a lighter weight and feel of sophistication. All of this is finished off with Gala’s modern and shapely bowls.

Each of the five items within the collection come gift boxed in mixed set of four colours.

  • Set of four jewel coloured stems
  • Modern shapely bowls and extra fine stems
  • Mouth blown and handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand wash only
  • Designed in the UK

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